Black and Red: timeless fashion combination. Proved by Bentley Smith

An exclusive shooting for ELLE.UA is the best proof of that

In the world of fashion there are combinations that always remain in trend, and the pairing of black and red colors is one of them. This meeting of colors creates a striking, elegant, and dramatic look that captures the hearts of fashionistas worldwide.

In the new season red has become one of the most explosive color trends. It symbolizes strength, energy and emphasizes a woman`s confidence. When combined with black, it takes on even more expressiveness and depth.

Black, as a classic color, always adds elegance and mystery to an outfit. It is a universal choice that suits any body type and occasion.

The combination of these two colors creates impeccable contrast attracting attention and leaving a memorable impression. Black and red ensembles can be embodied in evening wear, casual outfits or even sophisticated parties.

Don`t be afraid to experiment with accessories to make your look even more interesting. Gold or silver jewelry, black and red bags, or shoes will complement your style and make it even more vibrant.

So, if you`re looking for a way to showcase your taste and express your individuality, choose the combination of black and red colors in your outfit. It`s a timeless duo that will always remain in fashion.

Photographer: Aries Media & Style,

Representation: The Salt Agency

Model: Bentley Smith 

Agency: Click Models of Atlanta

Makeup and hair: Nessa Apostol

Wardrobe: NApostol Couture

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