The power of balance: a model, entrepreneur and mental health advocate Nikki Gal

Special interview for ELLE.UA

Model Nikki Gal`s influence extends far beyond the runway. As an entrepreneur, she founded Galvanize by Nikki Gal, which has become an inspiration and resource for countless women seeking to shine in the fashion and business industries. Nikki is also a mental health ambassador, using her voice to support people around the world. Her incredible ability to creatively combine all these aspects makes Nikki a shining example of versatility and dedication to her goals. How does she manage to maintain balance?

Nikki, you are breaking stereotypes, proving that the combination of beauty, grace, intelligence and entrepreneurial ability is exactly what the new era is asking for creative women. Your company Galvanize by Nikki Gal helps women develop careers in the fashion industry. What aspects do you emphasize when teaching entrepreneurial thinking and freedom of expression to women?

I have always felt that a woman can pursue more than one thing— a career, a passion, and a community. A creative mindset combined with a sense of limitless purpose is always going to lead to a multifaceted experience. My content consulting company Galvanize by Nikki Gal founded in 2022, was created to provide women who foster creative thinking a space to explore and further grow their passions within the business and fashion industries. I believe an entrepreneurial mindset starts with a core thought process, in which that process deserves to be nurtured and encouraged. Teaching my clients that there are no limitations within their own thought processes and goals allows them the freedom and expressive flexibility to become more proactive among their aspiring professional ambitions.

You juggle a career in modeling, business, and being a mental health advocate. This is a very big load. What methods do you use to increase stress resistance?

Work-life balance is crucial to me as a multifaceted individual who maintains many different passions and professions. Over the years I have learned to take time out for myself as well as my mental health to stay focused and maintain a healthy mindset. Since 2023, I have become more aware of my surroundings, where I have learned about meditation practices. The health benefits of daily meditation include, lowering stress as well as improving creative thinking. I always recommend mediation to those around me, especially those who regularly experience stress.

You are called an innovator. Tell us about initiatives you have taken that were real know-how. How do you find the balance between innovation and maintaining tradition in your businesses?

Within my business life as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that innovation and maintaining tradition requires a variety of strategic and adaptable approaches. My experience in developing and implementing my passions in multiple industries has inspired myself to preserve the core values that define my personal brand, while also understanding my needs and wants within the ethos of my entrepreneurial avenues.

What challenges do you face as you expand your business into new areas? What achievements are most significant to you?

One challenge is maintaining a structured balance among the expansions of my work. Over time I have acknowledged that learning to adapt to a schedule that fits my abilities is a beneficial key for myself as an increasing entrepreneur. Navigating the identity of a brand is one common challenge many individuals face, especially in the early stages of building their own entrepreneurial visions. I believe that fostering the willingness to learn and adapt to change is the best approach to a successful career in business.

You use your voice and influence in the fashion industry to support mental health. What projects work best in this area?

I started advocating for the mental health community in 2021, which later led myself to pursue my advocacy work within the modeling and fashion industries.

Within the exterior nature of the fashion industry, I wish to also amplify the interior of the fashion industry, by shedding a light on what fashion models express, think and feel. Within the launch of my mental health focused podcast, The Model Memo with Nikki Gal in December 2023, I have had the opportunity to speak with 70 fashion models from around the world to discuss their own experiences of mental health awareness and personal journeys within being present within the fashion and modeling communities. The Model Memo with Nikki Gal streams on listening platforms such as Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Amazon Audible.

What important public events do you have planned in 2024?

I am excited to have personally launched and created 3 projects in May and June 2024 pertaining to mental health awareness within the fashion and modeling industries. International digital media campaigns #MORETHAN and Mind Over Face are upcoming projects, in mission of bringing unity, diversity, mental health awareness and support into the fashion community. In addition, I have launched my digital magazine and platform in May 2024 called “GAL LAND.”, which actively collaborates with different internationally based fashion models and figures within the industry who are passionate about their own mental health, putting a focus on diversity, as well as promoting creative spaces inside and outside of the fashion industry.

Model and Сreative director: Nikki Gal 

PR: Multi Publications


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