How Jen Alsehali's Medical Expertise Is Shaping the Future of Skincare

The Science of Beauty

Jen Alsehali, the founder of ÂMÉ Living, has seamlessly integrated her profound medical expertise with a holistic approach to wellness, establishing herself as a trailblazer in skincare. Her meticulous nature and comprehensive understanding of the body and wellness have led her to pioneer an innovative non-surgical protocol at the Joon Center, specifically designed to decompress the spine as well as other joints in the body. 

This protocol epitomizes her holistic methodology, addressing the entire well-being of an individual. Alsehali`s foray into the beauty industry is distinguished by a unique blend of scientific rigor and a keen sensitivity to consumer needs. 

Reflecting on her journey, Alsehali states, «My extensive experience in medicine deeply informs my approach to skincare. It`s about treating the whole person, all the affected layers, not just the symptoms, and the same with skincare understanding the layers of the skin which molecular formulas penetrate to the layer of concern». 

Her holistic and meticulous strategies have made significant strides in both the medical and beauty sectors, showcasing her commitment to comprehensive care.

Alsehali’s venture into skincare was inspired by a realization that many beauty products overlook the foundational aspects of health, relying on quick fixes rather than sustainable improvement. ÂMÉ’s product line, «Some Kind Soul», including innovations like Collagen Reform Milk, Golden Hour Peptide Therapy, and Anti-Puff Eye Elixir that are made with clinically studied ingredients, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to integrity, efficacy, and clean ingredients.

The Science of Beauty: A New Paradigm

A rigorous scientific approach to skincare is central to ÂMÉ LIVING’s philosophy. Alsehali leverages her medical expertise to develop products that comprehensively address the skin’s needs, integrating the latest research in dermatology and biochemistry.

«We`re redefining beauty standards», Alsehali states. «It’s not just about looking good on the outside but nurturing the skin’s health on a cellular level».

This approach has created products that stand out for their effectiveness and ethical formulation. Focusing on clean beauty, ÂMÉ Living ensures its products are free from harmful chemicals, relying instead on making them with natural ingredients backed by scientific evidence. The brand`s commitment to research and development has positioned it as a skincare industry leader, with Alsehali at the helm, steering it toward new health and wellness frontiers.

Global Recognition and the Road Ahead

Alsehali’s work has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, she received the Global Recognition Award for her contributions to the beauty and skincare sector. This accolade reflects her unique position at the intersection of medicine and beauty, highlighting her role in elevating what skincare can achieve. «Receiving this award was an honor», reflects Alsehali. «It validates our mission to combine medical science with skincare to improve people’s lives».

Alsehali focuses on expanding ÂMÉ Living’s reach and innovating in the skincare space. With a growing global community, the brand is set to introduce more groundbreaking products, further integrating holistic wellness into the beauty routine of consumers worldwide. The drive toward inclusivity, authenticity, and scientific excellence continually guides Alsehali’s vision, promising a future where skincare intertwines with healthcare.

Alsehali’s journey from a medical professional to a beauty industry pioneer exemplifies how expertise in one field can illuminate another. Through ÂMÉ Living, she has demonstrated the profound impact of integrating medical science with skincare. As the beauty industry evolves, Alsehali’s contributions will undoubtedly continue to influence its trajectory, making a lasting mark on how wellness and beauty are perceived and pursued.


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