How to combine several businesses and be successful in each of them. Entrepreneur Nikki Gal shares her life hacks

A success story

With a portfolio spanning five ventures, including a digital art company and two fashion lines, Nikki Gal navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship while remaining undefined and limitless in her pursuits. She told us about the strategies she employs to effectively balance modeling and business, harness the power of social media for personal and professional growth, and stay authentic in the ever-evolving worlds of fashion and business.

Your journey in the modeling industry began at a young age. When did you feel that you were capable of making independent adult decisions and started to see the big picture?

I have always had a strong interest in societal topics and discussions. Specifically, mental health has been a recurring topic on my radar since I was a teenager, which led me to pursue my advocacy work. The freedom of the human voice is powerful, as I plan to continue to use my voice in advocacy and philanthropy.

Going from a successful modeling career to starting five companies is impressive. Tell us about these five business areas. What factors contributed to this transition, and how did you deal with the inevitable challenges? Which were the most difficult?

All my companies derive from my creative ideas and passions. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2019, launching a digital art company, followed by a photography company and nonprofit organization in 2021. By 2023, I founded 3 more companies: a branding consulting company as well as 2 fashion lines, including a lingerie and a swimwear brand. I have always dreamt of being in the artistic driver’s seat of my own life and career, which motivated me to pivot professional paths. Change in any realm can be difficult to navigate, but it was worth the risk— I am a risk-taker when it comes to exploring new ideas and visions. The most difficult obstacle to overcome was finding myself as an entrepreneur while balancing my creative passions. I didn’t wish to be labeled or defined as one entity within my career, which led me to become a multi-faceted individual who remains undefined and limitless.

Balancing modeling and entrepreneurship can be difficult. This requires a diverse set of skills. Can you share some ideas for effectively combining these roles?

Time management, prioritization of effective social media engagement and remaining adaptable all contribute to balancing and combining careers of modeling and entrepreneurship. Maintaining strong organizational skills has also helped me pivot my career productively. I believe as entrepreneurs we are continually developing and learning new skills, but it is important to keep and build the skills we already have.

Model: Nikki Gal

Photographer: Angelina Robertson

PR: Multi Publications


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