Renel Kiriakos Shines in Every Role as London’s Brightest Star

Always captivating audiences

«As an actor, one is always looking for a challenge, something that pushes the boundaries,» says Renel Kiriakos, reflecting on a year when the entertainment industry has faced seismic shifts, from streaming platforms` dominance to the re-emergence of theatres post-pandemic. 

These changes have only strengthened the determination of industry veterans like Kiriakos, a Mediterranean gem who has been captivating audiences on International stages and screens with her versatile performances.

The reinvention allowed Kiriakos to find her niche, utilising her chameleonic ability to adapt to the dynamics of an industry known for its propensity to change overnight. Born in Athens and now making waves, across industry the actress has leveraged her distinct Mediterranean allure and linguistic fluency to make a mark in an increasingly global industry.

Renel Kiriakos

A Journey of Self-Discovery

While many people were still trying to understand the world around them in their formative years, Renel Kiriakos was already exploring her life’s calling. Her childhood stage was set amidst the mundane, transforming her surroundings into a theatre and her companions into fellow actors. At the young age of seven, she discovered her love for acting. She not only memorised dialogues from TV shows and movies but also rehearsed them until she reached perfection. Her participation in school theatre performances only strengthened her determination. This early realisation was the beginning of her lifelong journey in the performing arts.

An Unconventional Path to Stardom

Kiriakos` education, quite unlike most, provided a unique fusion of academics and the arts. High school was her first encounter with the structured exploration of various art forms, from theatre to music to dance.

Her academic pursuits led her to obtain degrees in Egyptology, Classical Civilization, and Archaeology, first in Swansea and then in London. She then went on to study at the Actor`s Studio in Pinewood. The shift from a bustling metropolis to a serene town and then back to a cosmopolitan city, offered her a range of experiences that added dimensions to her persona. 

«Every location, every course I took, enriched my understanding of people, their histories, their cultures. This understanding seeped into my performances, enhancing my ability to portray various roles convincingly,» she explains.

Parallel to her educational pursuits, Kiriakos never let her acting dreams wane. 

«I dream of bringing to life a multitude of characters, from mythical heroes to everyday people grappling with their struggles, even historical figures from bygone eras,» she shares. 

Her roles span the spectrum of human emotion and experience, from the dramatic to the comedic, embodying her belief that «an actor should be a mirror to society».

Renel Kiriakos

The Changing Tides of Entertainment

The entertainment industry in 2023 has been rife with change. Streaming platforms are challenging traditional media outlets, and COVID-19 has reshaped the industry. The need for adaptable and versatile performers has never been higher.

According to research, the U.S. Media and Entertainment industry’s market size has grown by 15% between 2012 and 2022, and it is expected to be worth $825 billion by 2023. In terms of trends, streaming video, social media, and gaming are helping to enable new business models and reshaping media and entertainment. 

In this altered scene, Kiriakos’ ability to transform her looks and assume different ages sets her apart. According to an industry insider, «Renel’s versatility is not just a breath of fresh air, it’s a gust of wind sweeping across the entertainment industry».

A Glimpse into the Future

In addition to her acting prowess, she has gained recognition as a writer. Her ebook «Unexpected Love» has captured the hearts of over 225,000 readers, demonstrating her ability to connect with audiences beyond the camera.

Kiriakos has big plans for her future, as vast as her range of skills. She aims to connect with an agency and a large audience, highlighting her desire for more recognition. With her distinctive background, the ability to connect with diverse audiences, and a palpable passion for her craft, the multi-talented actress is well-positioned to make a mark in the global acting sphere.

As the conversation drew to a close, Kiriakos left with a piece of wisdom, «Make your dreams come true». 

It is with this simple yet profound mantra that she navigates the field of acting, setting new standards and living her dream. It’s a principle guiding her journey while also encapsulating the essence of Renel Kiriakos — an actress whose star continues to rise, casting a brilliant light on every role she embraces.


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