From Investment Banking to Tech Innovation: Asha Venkataramani Leads Sparkeey to New Heights

Digital calendar for a new generation

The transition from the structured world of investment banking to the innovative world of technology is a path less travelled. Asha Venkataramani, a former senior director at renowned firms like EY, KPMG, and Actis, exemplifies this rare journey. Her foray into the tech industry, marked by the launch of the digital calendaring app Sparkeey, is a narrative of embracing new challenges and venturing into uncharted territories.

Asha reflects on her career shift, «My journey from Mergers & Acquisitions to technology was driven by a desire for a more creative and direct impact. I saw an opportunity to leverage my trend forecasting and deal structuring skills from banking in a more dynamic tech landscape».

Revolutionizing Digital Calendaring

Within the competitive world of apps, Sparkeey emerges as a standout product, reflecting Asha Venkataramani`s vision of marrying functionality with user-centric design. Targeting Generations Alpha and Z, Sparkeey offers a fresh take on digital calendaring, prioritizing socially intuitive use and aesthetic appeal based on behaviour design.

The app`s success is marked by its impressive ranking on the UK App Store and its ambitious expansion plans for 2024, targeting major cities across the globe. Asha comments, «Sparkeey is about redefining the experience of planning and organizing. It`s designed to be an integral part of future workplaces with hybrid lifestyle, particularly for younger, tech-savvy generations».


Disrupting Traditional Market Norms

Sparkeey presents a bold contrast to the conventional offerings from tech giants. Its innovative approach, highlighted by its patent-pending status in the USA and a design registered in the EU, signals a shift in the digital calendaring space.

Discussing this disruption, Venkataramani says, «The tech industry often gravitates towards incremental changes. With Sparkeey, I wanted to break that mold and offer something that isn`t just a tool but a part of the user`s personal and professional narrative».

Assessing Impact and Gathering User Insights

Sparkeey`s initial reception provides valuable insights into market needs and preferences. The app`s design, catering to various professional and personal uses, resonates well with its target audience.

«Our initial user feedback has been incredibly insightful», Venkataramani notes. «It confirms our belief that there`s a demand for an efficient calendaring app that aligns with the users` lifestyle and aesthetics».

A Trajectory of Growth and Innovation

Sparkeey`s roadmap is ambitious, focusing on broadening its market reach and continuously evolving its features. This innovation aims to be a global staple tool for startups and young professionals.

«As we expand Sparkeey`s footprint, our focus will be on maintaining its core values while adapting to the changing needs of our users,» Asha Venkataramani shares. «We`re excited about the potential of integrating new collaborations and ideas into Sparkeey, making it even more versatile and user-friendly. By 2025, close to 100% of success-oriented startups in Europe will be using Sparkeey, and the 9/10 start-ups that perish will be using Google, Outlook».

Asha Venkataramani`s journey from investment banking to leading a tech innovation symbolizes strategic acumen with creative vision. Under her guidance, Sparkeey redefines how digital tools align with modern lifestyles, marking a significant evolution in the tech landscape.


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