Leather, oversized and more: the main fashion trends of this fall

In a new exclusive ELLE.UA photoshoot

Fashion Weeks are in full swing in the main fashion capitals of the world, where leading designers present new spring-summer 2024 collections and introduce us to the main trends of the next warm season. While following the main fashion trends of next year, we also do not forget about the trends of this fall. As demonstrated by the world`s most famous fashion brands in their fall-winter 2023/24 collections, this year`s cool season, which we are used to considering gloomy, will be spectacular and bright.

What items will fill our wardrobes this fall? Leather items that automatically make looks more seductive and daring, transparent fabrics that allow to see a little more of body, masculine pantsuits and contrasting delicate dresses that, despite their associations with summer, we will wear in the fall, trying to prolong the feeling of the hot season.

See the stylish visualization of the main fashion trends for fall 2023 in the new exclusive ELLE.UA photoshoot.

Photography and Creative Direction — OSCAR OZBAY



Styling — ALEX HALL

Photographer’s assistant — ELIANA ORLY



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