Gordon Clothing Unveils Groundbreaking Seasonal Collection for 2023

Fascinating brand history

Carter Gordon`s Gordon Clothing is making waves with its youthful zeal and impeccable craftsmanship in the fashion industry. Hailing from Parma Heights, Ohio, 17-year-old Gordon has seamlessly intertwined his remarkable journey from modest roots to fashion luminary into the very essence of his brand, establishing a significant presence in the fashion world despite only opening its doors in December last year.

Gordon Clothing

Taking a Leap to Fashion from Parma Heights

Carter Gordon`s passion for design is deeply woven into the fabric of Gordon Clothing. «I always believed in the power of design to tell stories», he reflects, reminiscing about his early days in Parma Heights, where fashion served as a canvas for his dreams. Each collection and design reflects his journey, echoing his growth, aspirations, and experiences that have shaped him.

More than just apparel, Gordon`s vision for Gordon Clothing is expansive and holistic. His philosophy that «fashion is an experience» is evident in his ventures that extend beyond clothing, encompassing an espresso enterprise and a chocolate brand that make up its mother company, Purslee Co.

Gordon Clothing

A Breath of Fresh Air in Stylish Windbreakers

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, Gordon Clothing unveils its latest Autumn Collection, setting a new standard for affordable yet high-quality fashion. The windbreakers in the «Earthy» and «Harmony» editions were meticulously hand-checked to ensure unparalleled quality, embodying the brand`s commitment to merging style with substance.

The young designer speaks with palpable excitement about this new line, «The `Earthy` and `Harmony` designs reflect our connection to nature, our desire to move with the world rather than against it. They`re unique in design and the message they carry». Alongside these windbreakers, the «Earthly Tone Sweater» adds a touch of warmth, making it the perfect companion for chilly autumn evenings.

Gordon Clothing

Stitching Tomorrow’s Fabric of Success

Bannering Purslee Co., Gordon Clothing’s success further anchors Gordon’s stature both in the fashion industry and entrepreneurship. The brand creates fashion statements and crafts history in each woven thread. «My enthusiastic behavior and fastidious drive towards peerless handmade fashionable attire is undoubtedly the cause for my outcome of success». Gordon reflects.

Stories came alive, and fashion met art, but Carter Gordon won’t stop dreaming. If anything, his journey is just beginning. As the fashion world awaits Gordon Clothing`s next chapter, a new movement is on the rise in the hopes of inspiring generations to come. 

Gordon Clothing


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